Our Mission

“Identify and innovate win-win solutions for complex and challenging water problems in our nation by developing and evolving smart water management practices. While also balancing and building the nuanced relationship between the stakeholders, the community and government to formulate just and sustainable policies. These practices will be implemented in the field by leveraging innovative technologies and solutions.”

Three Year Vision

Our vision is to complete the following parameters and establish Aqua MAP as a driver of social change-

Complete successful pilot studies of at least six cases which could be showcased as replicable successful and sustainable models to address water management and policy in the country.
Address at least three concerns related to chronic water issues through the Grand Challenges which will be translated to pilot projects.

Secondary Goals

  • Measuring societal impact by gauging the positive impact on an individual level.
  • Working with influential committees in both the state and central government agencies.
  • Building the hydro-informatics lab at Aqua MAP
  • Archiving the media related to Aqua MAP from articles, op-eds to our success stories.
  • Collaborating with globally recognised water innovation centres.
  • Collating the policy notes produced by Aqua MAP

Five Year Roadmap